What do we do?

Turning Dreams into Digital Reality

At Idealize, we are more than just a software development agency. We are dreamers, creators, and problem solvers who are passionate about turning innovative ideas into powerful digital solutions. Our story is rooted in Melbourne, where we have made it our mission to craft exceptional applications that leave a lasting impact in the digital world.

Mobile App Development

What is app development?

A mobile app, short for “mobile application,” is a software program designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These applications are specifically developed to provide various functions and services, making them easily accessible to users on the go. Mobile apps can be installed on mobile devices through app stores or marketplaces and are typically designed to take full advantage of the features and capabilities of the device on which they run.


What we do?

We specialize in creating beautiful, user-friendly mobile apps. Whether you’re a business, startup, or individual with a vision, we’re here to turn your ideas into reality. We work closely with you to make sure your app is not only visually stunning but also easy to use. Our focus is on delivering top-quality apps and providing support even after your app is up and running. At Idealize, we’re all about making technology work for you.

How much does app development typically cost?

According to Bilue, app development in Australia typically costs $200,000 to $1 million+! However, we use different methods to minimise app development costs. Our mobile apps typically start off at around $5000 only. We charge a hourly rate of $70.

How do we minimize your costs?

Mobile app development is so expensive because it comprises of developing two different apps, one for Apple devices and the other for Android. Since we use a cross-platform app development, we only develop your app once for both iOS and Android.


What other agencies also like to do is to develop a complete new database, server, etc.. We don’t do that. We utilize the most reliable and cutting edge softwares such as Firebase to develop your app, saving up to 3/4 the traditional time of app development. 

How do we charge?

We provide a upfront quote for your mobile app, using our hourly rate of $70. The quote provides a limit to how much your app will cost. We create this limit so you know the maximum cost of your mobile app, but also gives you flexibility to modify requirements without worrying too much about the costs.

Will you provide post launch support?

Yes, we will provide you with post launch support and fix any bugs you many encounter until they are all resolved.

What comes with the mobile app?

We will provide you with a free landing page website for your mobile app, developed using WordPress. Depending on what type of app you are building, you may need to manage the content and users of the app. If that is the case, we offer to develop an admin panel which you will then have full control of the app.

Our Tech Stack

We use Flutter and Firebase to develop your mobile app.

Web Development

If a mobile app isn’t quite your fit, you may want to look at developing a website, or what is commonly referred to as a web app. This means the features of your software are publicly accessible over the internet. While web development isn’t something we particularly focus on, we are still happy to discuss any web development projects.