What you will get:

  • Reliable and discounted hosting provider sourced by us
  • Website up and running without you setting it up
  • SSL certificate (For https connection)
  • Domain details handled by us
What will I need to do?

If you have access to your domain, we will guide you to direct it to our servers. If you don't, we can help you purchase one and set it up. 

What if I don't get this subscription?

You will need to find a hosting provider which provides secured, fast and reliable hosting (typically around $15 or more per month), install WordPress, setup your domain, purchase a SSL certificate migrate your website and optimise it.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?

Absolutely! If you feel like you want to host your website on a different service provider, or you just don't like us, we will help you migrate your website.

Is this available for anyone?

Nope. This is only available for our customers to provide the best services.

Do I still have access to my website?

Yes, all you have to do is login to your WordPress admin panel.